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Long Term Nursing Care

A major injury, illness, or an unexpected health event can turn anyone’s life upside down. While you look forward to an early discharge and want to take your loved one back home, the fact is, recovery from an injury or illness doesn’t end when you walk out of those hospital doors. An uneventful healing may call for weeks or months of round-the-clock medical supervision and frequent hospital visits.

At Save Health Care, our Long Term Nursing team caters to conditions ranging from chronic care, post-surgery care, intensive care, geriatric care and monitoring vital signs for critical patients with stay at home nurses for 12 / 24 hours.

What We Offer

Intensive Care

Specialized care of patients with critical conditions and provide a range of quality health care services

Pulmonary Care

Specialized care of patients with lung and respiratory distress including asthma, COPD, etc.

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  • Home Based Care
  • Qualified and Trained Nurses
  • Individualized Care
  • Quality Assurance