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Stroke Rehabilitation

No one is ever prepared for the reality of a stroke and its consequences. Stroke (ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke) doesn't just happen to the survivor, it affects a whole family. Paralysis, shoulder pain, difficulty walking, balance problems, stiff arms, spasticity are a few issues to start with. While it is normal to feel anxious, helpless and depressed, it is important to understand that every stroke is different & every recovery is unique. Stroke recoveries are full of milestones, some are small ones like lifting your foot up, others are huge, like walking for the first time post-stroke.

Hence, it goes without saying how important it is to select the right experts for a right approach to stroke rehabilitation because Early Initiation of Physiotherapy post stroke, reported to have better outcomes.

What We Offer

Neuro Physiotherapy

Regaining muscle strength, spasticity, pain management, static and dynamic balance and coordination of movements.

Speech and Language Therapy

Correction of cognitive communication impairments and language disorders post-stroke.

Occupational Therapy

Relearning daily activities which helps the survivor to their regain independence.

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